Day Rehabilitation Service

Friendship Program, Inc's Day Rehabilitation Services provides assistance to adults experiencing a mental illness. Through active participation in the program, participants receive services to improve their quality of life and their ability to manage day-to-day activities and responsibilities. The goal is to improve the participants' ability to live in the community, decreased frequency of hospitalizations, and encourage each person to live in the most independent situation possible.

Day Rehabilitation Services offers:

A diverse curriculum is provided in response to the specific needs of the participants including daily classes and activities to enhance knowledge of mental illness, medications, relapse prevention, daily living skills, and self advocacy; GED, job readiness, and volunteer opportunities; recreational and craft groups; and community outings.

Breakfast, lunch, and snack daily. Open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Evening and weekend events are also scheduled throughout the year.

Enroll in Friendship Program

Referrals to become a participant at Friendship Program can be made by physicians, friends, family, social services, and other community agencies. Individuals concerned about their own well-being can refer themselves.

To make a referral, call Friendship Program at (402) 393-6911 to set up an appointment with the Social Service Department.

Once a referral has been made, our case workers will arrange for a referral follow up and assessments. Through this process, Friendship Program can best fit the participant to the proper services, needs, and goals to help them succeed.

Day Rehabilitation Service can be paid for by private pay arrangement, Health and Human Service contracts, Region 6, and donations