The History of the Friendship Program

Friendship Program Inc. is a private non-profit agency committed to creating a caring and supportive environment to assist elderly and disabled individuals to remain independent in the community. The agency offers Adult Day Services, Day Rehabilitation Services, Community Support Services, Case Management, and Peer Support Services. Through comprehensive provision of each of these services, Friendship Program gives evidence of its dedication to community integration, normalization, and self-determination by the persons served.

"Coming to Friendship feels like home... I love it here."

McKinley T., Adult Day Service Participant

The word "friendship", chosen by participants in 1979 after the center's opening, accurately describes the program which offers care, compassion and companionship to adults. Friendship Program Inc. is the first adult day service provider in the state of Nebraska to receive CARF accreditation.

"I love the Friendship Program. It has been a lifesaver for me."

Celestine K., Day Rehabilitation Service Participant

Services are based on the needs of the individual and are provided at the intensity and duration appropriate for each individual or situation.