Health Services

One unique service offered at Friendship Program, Inc. is health services. These services are available to all participants enrolled in the program. Professional nursing staff are available on site during most program hours. Day program participants receive regular health assessments. Nursing staff will complete blood pressure checks, blood sugar checks, skin and foot checks, and weight monitoring in coordination with a participant’s physician.

During program hours assistance can be provided with dispensing medications. Medicines can be set up in medication boxes for medications taken at home. For those who are more independent in managing their medications, reminders can be offered.

Nurses provide education to participants on an individual basis. Participants can learn to set up their own medication boxes, take and record their blood sugars, or monitor their own weight. Regularly scheduled classes are offered on diabetes, medications, and general health topics.

Personal care services are available. For those with more individual health needs, additional services can be arranged.